Let’s start by saying – “I Love to cook’! For my entire adult life, cooking has been a source of fun and stress relief. Creating different meals in the kitchen is great and I love doing it. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner I really enjoy putting things together to create wonderful flavors. By my true passion, the place I really enjoy spending time is outdoor cooking. I say outdoor cooking because I personally hate labeling everything BBQ’ing. To me there are differences between grilling, BBQ and smoking and guess what – I LOVE THEM ALL!!! I’ve never minded doing a slow cook that takes 10 -12 hours. While others get “antsy” I jokingly say “I’m filming my latest episode of “Man Meets Grill”!

While other guys were known for their mechanical prowess (never my strong suit), I was always the BBQ guy. I might have needed help fixing my plumbing or repairing dry wall, but you always knew you were getting paid with some great “Q”!

For years I had made a dry rub and used it on just about everything I cooked. My neighbors were always telling me I needed to sell it. I never really took much stock in their comments. Then one day at a neighborhood gathering a slew of folks were raving about the flavor and it came up again. This time it stuck around in my mind longer than normal. My wife and I talked about it and a few hours later my wife (who is a fabulous artists and had worked in the advertising field for many years) produced a drawing of me with the name “Dave’s Rub-A-Dub-Dub” above it. ‘Here’s your rub name and logo” she said. My first thought was with a name like that, I’m losing all my man points! Of course now the name has grown on me and it’s been well received. Well that was the start and we decided “what the hell, let’s go for it”.

The first problem was making it. You see, like most guys, I didn’t have a recipe. I just pulled stuff out of the pantry and away I went. It was sort of the same every time, but not really. I knew one thing for certain, if I were going to sell it, it would have to taste the same every time. It took me almost 6 months to truly re-create my own recipe!

So in production we started! We’ve been making each bag ourselves since day one and very proud of that fact. Now they we’re “taking that next step”, we’ve aligned ourselves with a company that puts quality first. They aren’t the biggest, but they share our same values which makes them the best – in our opinion. A special Thanks to our food copacker Creative Copacking for there excellent work.

So there you have it from start to - well I’m not ready to finish that sentence. We still have a lot of story to write. So come along for the ride and remember – Nothing Beats a Good Rub!

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