Barbeque Basic Terminology part 3

Hello Bar-b-que lovers!

Our terminology EdQUEcation could go on forever, but this will be our final lesson for now. Don’t worry there is no final exam.

PPP or The Three Ps. This stands for Patience, Perseverance, and Practice. These are the key ingredients to becoming a Pitmaster. You’ll soon find out that quick and out the door may be good for Chinese “takee outee”, but it sucks for BBQ and smoking. Invest the time and reap the rewards!

Brisket -Brisket is cut from the breast section of a side of beef. Each beef carcass renders only two whole briskets.On a typical whole beef brisket there are two muscles, the flat, and the point. They are separated by a layer of fat. The flat is the longer of the two and the leaner of the two so it tends to be the fryer of the two. The point is the thicker “lump” of meat. It has more of the fat and connective tissue.

Spritzing -The practice of spraying meat with a mist of water, juice, beer, whatever the Pitmaster is drinking. It cools the meat and slows the cooking and helps keep moisture from the meat from evaporating. It is different than moping.

Drip Pan – Typically used with in direct cooking, it is a pan placed under the meat. The pan is filled with liquid and sometimes spices. It serves several purposes – helps keep meat dry during longer cooks, catches dripping from meat to keep cooking area cleaner and these dripping coupled with the liquid and form steam and rise back up and around the eat during cooking.

Hot and Fast or Hot n Fast is a cooking technique becoming popular with many BBQ cooks. The Hot and Fast method involves smoking the meat at temperatures around 325 F. It greatly reduces cooking times for longer cooks like Boston Butt.

Bear Paws - Made from hard plastic these meat handler forks are used for shredding BBQ meat. The Bear Paws are also useful for lifting hot food to move from the cooking pan. 

Rib Rack – Is a device that is used to hold multiple racks of BBQ ribs during cooking. They typically hold the ribs upright instead of laying flat on a grate. 

Lump charcoal – Is charcoal made by burning wood at high temperatures until it has turned into carbon. It typically burns hotter than briquettes and leaves less ash.

Again, our last term, but certainly not the least is……

Wine – Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes or other fruits. There are many types and classifications of wine. Although not as popular as beer and liquor with Pitmasters, it is still a great friend to the BBQ enthusiast. Many folks say a long cooks with good friends and a bottle of wine makes for a great time!

In closing, I will say that if you become familiar with these terms and how they can enhance the foods you cook you’ll be glad you did!





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6/22/2020 5:36 PM
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