Dave's Dry Rub Pork Butt, Boston Butt, Pork Shoulder Blade Roast Dry Rub Seasoned Recipes.

Known by many names, Pork Butt, Boston Butt, Shoulder Blade Roast is the upper part of the whole pork shoulder with the lower cuts being the Shoulder known as the Shoulder Picnic.

The Butt Roast has high percentage of sinew (connective tissue), the butt needs to be cooked at low temperatures slowly.

Very inexpensive cut of meat, great for pulled pork BBQ sandwiches to pork tacos.

Our dry rub seasoning as a pork rub spice makes your Boston Butt perfectly seasoned and savory.

BBQ Rub Seasoned Pulled Pork BBQ Shoulder Blade Roast in the Slow Cooker

This indoor method of cooking a Pork Butt in a crock pot or slow cooker is a great alternative when you don’t have a smoker or if the weather outside is frightful.

Dave's Happy Habanero Rub Seasoning

Happy Habanero Pepper Dry Rub BBQ Seasoning Spice 5.0 Ounce Shaker Bottle.